Body Psychotherapy (Deep Bodywork)

Deep Bodywork is based on neo-Reichan body psychotherapy, energetic and postural integration, and relational psychotherapy.

Through Deep Bodywork, physical and mental habits are explored so that the past can be better integrated or released altogether.  The process is a shared, non-hierarchical journey undertaken by both practitioner and client, set at the client’s pace in a safe and creative environment.  Relationship dynamics are motivated and worked through using a combination of psychotherapeutic techniques and massage.  Participating in Deep Bodywork can create an opening for personal transformation and an opportunity to access more aliveness, intimacy and connection.

Fleur has trained for five years with Silke Ziehl, at the Entelia Institute of Creative Bodywork, and Dr. Asaf Rolef Ben Shahar in IMT (Integrative Mindbody Therapy).

Fleur insists on seeing the healthy powerful potential in all people and can facilitate change wonderfully. For clients considering seeing Fleur therapeutically I can recommend her as a guaranteed choice for deep, intelligent, transformative experience full of embodied engagement and exploration.‘  Dr Asaf Rolef Ben Shahar, PhD

£75 per 90 minute session/£60 per 60 minute session