The historical roots of reflexology span the globe with evidence that foot therapies were practised in Ancient Egypt and as part of Ayurverdic medicine in India.  Reflexology in its current form was adapted in the USA in the 1920s by Dr Fitzgerald, a physician who became interested in the healing properties of foot therapy while observing Cherokee Tribes in his native New England. 

Reflexology is a non invasive treatment using pressure points on the feet to balance the systems of the body, encouraging self healing and vitality.  Reflexology treatments are extremely relaxing and can produce the same advantages as a full body massage. Stuck or stagnant mental or physical energy can be shifted, and long term chronic complaints can be altered, alleviating pain and discomfort both physically and emotionally.

A treatment will last for one hour.  Long term complaints may need several sessions to get long term results, but often changes can be noticeable after the first couple of sessions. Fleur is a full member of IFR (The International Federation of Reflexologists).

£60 per 60 minute session